In 19288 Jonathan Dacombe purchased his first business. It was a burger bar from Margaret and Bob Mcdonald. It was under a very popular Night Club Called ‘Park lane’ on sea road. The burger bar sold not just burgers but ice-cream, donuts, rock ect and it was very busy as there weren’t many take-aways in those days. He had his mother and his grandmother pealing and chopping sacks of onions ready for a weekend. He then got his sister Jane Wood involved and went to work for L E S engineering firstly full time and in 2000 went part time and still works for them. They are now called Jacobs Les . The lease sadly ran out in 1993.

Whilst he still had the burger bar he acquired the lease for a property further down the Promenade next to The Punch Bowl pub/restaurant it would be called diner which was called Jonny Donuts Diner this was in 1994. it sold all kinds of food and drinks as well as ice-cream, donuts ect. This was sold in 2002.

I1n 1995/6 Jonathan opened a new Burger Bar, which is still open today. It is located on the top of sea road near the Pub. Up to about 6 years ago it was a burger bar it was always busy and was open until 2am on weekends. It is now called Jonny Donuts Kiosk. Also the Ice cream Parlour was opened in the same year which also sold Donuts, ice cream, candy floss, tea, coffee, ect.

In 2000 Jonathan acquired the Hawaiian Eye Cafê with his sister Jane Wood and there father John. This is a bikers Cafê and they bought this off a well know business man in Cleethorpes called David Blyth which was originally owned by his father, who again was a well known business men. It was named after the well know television series Hawaiian eye. This is still open today and is owned by Jonathan and Jane but is run day to day by Jane.

In 2004 Jonathan started negotiations with the Council to take control of the building and to develop the present site. In 2008/9 plans where all passed and work began on construction of the patio area and building work started inside. The building is now fully insulated and rewired new kitchen, store area and toilets constructed. The building work was completed late March of 2011 and on April 5th the new Eatery called Oliver’s was opened by Jonathan and his wife Debbie Dacombe, named after their first son. The Ice Cream Parlour is now incorporated with the Eater and is run as one. We hope to complete what we call phase 2 of the project which is a roof top eating area in the coming years.